2 Things You'll NEVER Hear a Hypnotherapist Tell You About Quitting Cigarettes!

1) You don't need me / them to quit.

2) ANY quit smoking treatment COULD work for you (even patches, pills & gums).

My professional colleagues would call me CRAZY for staying this. Why would I tell you this? It's simple really:


Let me tell you what I mean here.

1) You really don't need me to quit!

The very fact that SO many people can quit cold turkey, means that it IS actually possible to quit without ANY EXTERNAL HELP OR ASSISTANCE WHAT SO EVER!

This definitely IS NOT the case with any truly addictive drugs like Heroin or Cocaine.

Now you might be saying to yourself; "well I just don't have the will power like those people". You know what I say to that? - you can find the will power if you just make the decision to. In the same way that one person found big enough reasons to quit, you can too, but it will take some effort on your part there's no doubt about that.

All I'm saying is that if so many people can do it, you can too. Be willing to let go of the story you have about quitting on your own and just consider a new possibility for yourself.

2) ANY treatment could work for you!

How do I know this? Because every single quit treatment out there has worked for so many people otherwise it wouldn't be a possible treatment.

This goes for all methods; patches, pills, gums, lozenges, laser therapy, Allen Carr, acupuncture, Smoke Enders, group therapies, CBT as well as hypnosis.

NRTS3-300x79 Things Hypnotherapist Never Tell You About Quitting Smoking

Ok, so if all treatments have the POTENTIAL to work, then what is the variable in the equation that will prevent YOU from being successful with a particular method? The answer is;


It sounds simple doesn't it? But i'm sure you'd agree that it makes sense. I have no doubt that every treatment out there would have much higher success rates if the people attempting them had the right mindset from the get go.

For instance, I honestly believe that even patches, pills and gums would be more effective if GP's took more time to develop their patients MINDSET rather than just flicking them a prescription knowing they are only half hearted about quitting in the first place.

Maybe you can personally relate to this.

These are the simple truths, that for obvious reasons, no hypnotherapist will tell you.

Now you might be asking yourself; "ok, so what's the deal here?" Why am I telling you this? Let me be open and honest here.

It's because I want to share with you as many tips, tricks and techniques so you can at least TRY and quit on your own. and if you don't, then you might give me a call and book an appointment. The important thing is to try every single thing you can first.

And if you DO quit with anything I have shared with you, that's AWESOME!! My hope is that you remember me as the one who might have helped in some way and perhaps you might mention me and my website to another smoker in the future. When someone asks how you quit, you might say "I did it cold turkey. But there was this one guy Nick from quitwithnick that kinda helped".

So either way, it's a win win for us both if you ask me ;)

To your health,

Nick Terrone


1300 883 272

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