ANOTHER Tax Hike on Cigarettes in Australia

Yet another tax increase on cigarettes from midnight tonight Australia Wide

tax increase on cigarettes from midnight tonight, all disguised under a government façade to make them seem like they care about your health.

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They say the money is going to be directly put into hospitals, oh really? What's been happening to the hospital system, beds, staffing etc over the past few years? Going backwards thats what! Where all the taxes taken from tobacco gone to date? Definitely not back into hospitals! So why should the public think this additional money is going to be redirected to hospitals.

How much additional money is this cigarette tax increase going to generate?

How about $6.4 billion!!! For a long time, the direct link between cancer and smoking was not scientifically validated. It’s not been years since science was finally able to PROVE that it directly causes cancer. Whats the Government done since then? NOTHING! Think about how disgusting it is that a government can continue to make such high taxes from something that has been PROVEN to KILL YOU!!!

A 25% rise is coming into effect tonight, with more rises to occur in 2011 and 2012.

I’m a Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist and this stunt by our government is appalling. I want to empower you to quit, and I can help you do that in just one 60 minute session that is backed up with a lifetime guarantee. I am so committed to this, that if you just mention this blog post, I will give you $50 off my usual rate.

Take back control of your life and send this government a message loud and clear I am GOING TO STOP PUTTING MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!!

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