Are You Saying to Yourself: 'I want to quit smoking but don't know how?'

b2ap3_large_No-Smoking Want to quit smoking but don't know how?

70% of smokers want to quit smoking but just don't know how.

Perhaps you've tried to quit a few times and since you didn't get the result you were after, maybe you've lost a little hope that you'll ever be able to stop smoking. The important thing to remember is that becoming a healthy non-smoker is a process and it deserves your full attention otherwise you probably aren't ready.


If you're really committed to quitting then you should be equally committed to the preparation that's involved in quitting. Although there are many stop smoking aids out in the market these days, the simple fact is that NONE of them are going to do anything for you unless you have the right mindset FIRST! But you see, the media will continually try to confuse you by publishing all these news stories about a study here and a study there investigating the effectiveness of one NRT over another.

I say what's the point? If there is even one person who can stop smoking naturally without any NRT then this is simple proof that IT CAN BE DONE and if one can do it, SO CAN YOU.

Don't trick yourself into thinking that one person may have the will power, but not yourself. Will power isn't something that you either have or not, it's something that can be developed. And THIS is exactly what a good quit smoking therapist is able to do for you.

The most important thing is that you don't give up on trying to give up otherwise you'll NEVER give up, and that's a guarantee.

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