Cigarettes: How Can This Stimulant Be Relaxing Me?

b2ap3_large_dreamstimefree_2291293 Cigarettes: How Can This Stimulant Be Relaxing Me?

It’s paradoxical isn’t it? We all know that cigarettes can’t possibly be calming the body down because it’s a stimulant. So why does it FEEL like it is?

On the one hand, we know that any stimulant, as the name suggests, is stimulating the body and the nervous system and when this is happening you are increasing the body’s alertness and agitation. When this is happening on a biological level, your body is anything BUT relaxed. Most you probably already knew this.

I’ve been helping people quit smoking cigarettes with hypnosis for over 8 years now. Almost every smoker I have ever seen will tell me that they use cigarettes when they are stressed and they smoke to ‘calm down’.

So how is this so? How can it be calming me down?

It is basically because of the MENTAL ASSOCIATION that a smoker has with cigarettes. If you have a conscious (or subconscious) association to cigarettes being ‘calming’, then this is the corresponding chemical that will be release by your brain just after you take that first drag, and then, ‘ahhhh . . . ‘, you’ll have the feeling of relaxation, even though your body will be stimulated at the same time. This is more proof of the power of your mind over your body.

Your conscious and subconscious mind is so powerful, that it can create more overpowering biochemistry and the effect of the stimulating cigarette. It’s also the endorphin rush of pleasure that a smoker can feel after that first drag which can also play a powerful role in maintaining this connection to cigarettes. Even if you’re at the point of hating cigarettes, even if you’re NOT enjoying them anymore. Your subconscious mind has made this connection and unless you address this deep seeded connection, you’re always going to find it harder to quit smoking than it really needs to be.

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