Is a Change In Packaging REALLY Going to Make You Quit Cigarettes?

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Well, I guess it's a step in the right direction. The Australian Government is leading the world in taking action with regards to the currently brightly colored and alluring cigarette packs. Very soon, you're not going to be seeing all the fancy colors but an apparently boring, dreary lime green color. How did they arrive at this color you ask? Apparently a statistical poll was taken, and this was the least attractive color to smokers.

Cigarette packets will now have the standard health warning (because we all know that those warnings help people quit cigarettes and stop smoking), as well as one little line with the brand and then the type under that.

cigarette-pack-11-300x225 Packaging Really Going to Make You Quit Cigarettes?

I find it kind of amusing how this has gotten so much attention. Sure, the tobacco companies are not going to like this, despite the huge savings and cost cutting they can expect in their respective graphic design and art departments, but is this move REALLY going to make smokers quit cigarettes and stop smoking all of a sudden?

I mean, seriously, I can't really see a smoker saying; "Oh darn it, I guess I'm going to have to quit now that my pack of cigarettes no longer has that nice lovely picture of the beach with the sun setting over it". Somehow I can't imagine smokers going, "well, since my packet no longer has that really cool coat of arms on it, i guess there's no reason to keep smoking eh?"

One thing it might do is prevent the kids from going for particular brands though. There might be some pictures and styles that appear more alluring to teens than others, but is this going to stop them from trying cigarettes when they are facing all the growing pains of teenage years, trying to fit in and "look cool".

Once again I can't imagine a teenager being encouraged by his peers to try a cigarette, 'fit in' and 'look cool', but saying, 'no thanks I don't like the way that dull green pack looks, I'll pass thanks". hmm . . . unlikely, I'm sure you would agree.

The simple bottom line is, YOU, the smoker will either be at that place where you are ready to decide to quit, or not. No matter how many restrictions are imposed on where, when and how you smoke, if you want to keep smoking, YOU WILL! no matter how much of an inconvenience it may be. You would think that the government would have figured out by now that placing more and more restrictions on any behavior judged to be harmful has never stopped people from doing it, it just makes them more creative, determined, defiant and resilient.

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