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When it comes to quitting cigarettes for good i'm sure you would already agree that you have to do it with commitment. If that isn't there, then you're just wasting your time. I use to smoke and i've helped thousands of smokers quit over many years. Over that time, i have met many smokers who deep down are looking for some 'miracle cure', some 'silver bullet' to do all the work for them, but you see if you're not 100% comitted and are expecting THE AID to do all the work for you, guess what? You're always going to find quitting a struggle and you'll blame the aid saying 'it didn't work'. But if you think about it, every aid you can think of has 'worked' for litterally THOUSANDS of smokers. but not one aid ever has or ever will 'work' for everyone.

So what's the difference in the equation?

The difference is THE PERSON using the aid and their level of commitment to MAKE THE AID WORK FOR THEM! It's really as simple as that. It is for this very reason why I like to prepare my clients as much as possible. Preparation is the key to success. The main preparation is of course, mental preparation.

One last thing i'll mention here regarding commitment. Please be aware that you'll never feel 100% ready to quit, but that doesn't mean you can't be 100% committed to quitting - there is a HUGE difference. Commitment is a mental decision you make regardless of how you feel. Please understand, that you're unlikely to ever FEEL completely ready THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NORMAL! But the commitment to becoming and remaining a nonsmoker can definately be 100%. If you have that very important factor than when it comes time to stop smoking cigarettes, you'll have what it takes.

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