Quit Cigarettes Tips: Sugar Withdraw Vs Nicotine Withdraw

Quitting Cigarettes has so many associated symptoms that it is sometimes hard to tell them apart. One of the biggest mistakes many people make when they try to quit smoking cold turkey is to confuse a sugar  withdraw with a nicotine withdraw. Although some of you will experience nicotine withdraw when quitting cigarettes, the percentage is surprisingly low. Most people are actually experiencing a sugar withdraw, the symptoms of this can be quite uncomfortable.

Why Do You Experience Sugar Withdraw When You Quit Cigarettes?

One of the shocking facts almost no one talks about is the high sugar content in cigarettes; surprised? In fact depending on what brand you smoke, 8 to 18% of that cigarette is sugar. This is one of the main reasons people have a cigarette brand preference and do not easily cross over to another brand. Other than this being extremely unhealthy, when smoking also inhibits your body from properly processing sugar, so when you try to quit cigarettes your body must readapt.

This means that by smoking cigarettes you are "keeping"  your blood sugar unnaturally high!

When you Quit Cigarettes you actually experience a sugar withdraw, much like diabetics.. Read on to find out about how to identify sugar withdraw symptoms and how to avoid them...

How Can You Avoid Sugar Withdraw Symptoms?

Sugar withdraw symptoms are really quite uncomfortable, and not always associated with sugar. So let's get them straight;

  • irritability
  • headaches
  • shaking

The first thing your body will subconsciouslytry to do is to elevate blood sugar levels. The easiest way to do this is by creating a craving for food!

Hey; I don't want to gain weight when I quit smoking!

The best way to avoid sugar withdraw is to be aware of this and provide your body with healthy sugar. This will work twofold;

1. You will control what you are eating - to prevent this from happening to you, all you need to ensure is that you eat healthy sugars; fruit, fruit juice, nuts, grains etc rather than sweets and chocolate. Also, drink plenty of water. Water will reduce cravings and hydrate your cells. This will also have a positive effect on your skin!

2. You will not gain unnecessary weight. When you quit smoking with hypnosis, many of these "craving' can be avoided, simply by the natural effect of the treatment. Since when you use hypnosis to quit smoking, you get to the cause and real reason for smoking, so won’t feel like you are ‘dealing with’ anything. You simply won'€™t feel like having a cigarette again.

For more information on Quitting Cigarettes with Hypnosis using the Quit Cigarettes in Sixty Minutes please contact met on 1300 883 272 and take control of your life today!

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