Quitting Cigarettes is ALL about the PREPARATION!

'It's all about the preparation"

After having helped SO many smoking quit over the years, I've come to realize some key differences between the people who QUIT and never smoke again, and those how just pick it up again.

What's the difference?

Well, there are a few, but one of them is the individuals MENTAL PREPARATION! The more you prepare to achieve a goal, the more likely you are to accomplish it right? Sounds simple doesn't it. But you see, I have come across a lot of smokers who will say they tried to quit but 'failed' and when I ask them what preparation that did beforehand the room goes quiet.

The fact is that if you're going to quit smoking PERMANENTLY you need to put in the work BEFOREHAND. You're unlikely to quit for good if you're just 'giving it a go' and you just 'see what happens'.

Preparation includes getting REALLY REALLY clear on your reasons for quitting. Unless your reasons are MORE compelling than your desire to smoke - don't bother! Write all your reasons down in the notes section of your smartphone and when you're finished, go back to the first one and ask yourself; 'what's the benefit of that benefit?' to get a tier 2 benefit. Keep doing this until you have about 50 reasons. After your quit date, look at this list anytime you have a fleeting thought of a cigarette.

This is just one way to get prepared but there are many other things as well. Get better at handling stress, become better at dealing with daily annoyances, start delaying your smokes, start smoking more consciously before you quit and try cutting down on the ones you know you don't really need or even enjoy. Start collecting your butts in a jar with water and use this tool to start putting yourself 'off' smoking. Know your triggers well so you can start to break the routine, keep mentally occupied when you've got down time or when you're bored.

Get your FREE copy of my Quit Smoking Ebook to your right. It's PACKED of information that I'm sure will help you quit.

The more prepared you are, the higher your chance of never smoking again and the less 'will power' you'll need.

To your health,

Nick Terrone


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