Why Many Smokers Don't Quit Cigarettes Permanently

There is a multitude of reasons you may have tried to stop smoking unsuccessfully before. Many of these reasons can stop you in your tracks and be quite frustrating.

Have you ever tried to quit and found the withdrawal symptoms just too much to deal with (or maybe your friends told you they liked you better when you had your daily fix?)?

Have you ever thought to yourself, well I actually like the feeling of taking a drag, its relaxing? Well physically, although this could hardly be farther from the truth it is still what you may feel....

Have you ever thought you just might not be able to quit smoking permanently and successfully? After all this is a powerful habit that you are almost doing on a subconscious level...

Well, What if I told you can quit easily? Hmmm, you may think I'm crazy. And I wouldn't tell you this if I hadn't seen this happen time and time again with my two eyes. You see I am a trained quit cigarettes specialist in Sydney Australia, I have an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Psychologu and I use a combination of hypnosis and NLP to help people kick the habit in one session.

Before I became a specialist and completed my training and certification, I also thought this might just be a load of @#$%. But the truth is I've been at it for a while, and I have already helped literally hundreds of people quit cigarettes permanently using this proven system.

You May Be Wondering What is This System and Why Does it Work?

crushed-cigarette-box Why Many Smokers Don't Quit Cigarettes Permanently Now the beauty of using a combined system of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming to quit cigarettes is that it deals with ALL of the above reasons. It deals with all your specific reasons for quitting and why you haven’t quit in the past or what stopped you from remaining a non-smoker. You won’t find the need to find replacements like eating more. It will not feel like you are using your will power, it won’t feel like you are giving something up. The system uses your unconscious mind to come up with healthy alternatives to smoking cigarettes to avoid the common reasons why you might have failed in the past.

Now I know many of you may be afraid to try hypnosis and have heard some scary things about it in the past. But rest assured this is a safe and clinically proven way to quit cigarettes. See, hypnosis can't really get you to do something you don't want to do (certainly not make you click like a chicken ;) ).

If you have any concerns or would like to find out more, please join my mailing list and get a free report about Quitting, Smoking and the Quit Cigarettes in Sixty Minutes System. Or simply give me a call on 1300-883-272

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