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IMG_4488 The Stop Smoking Program | Quit Smoking Apps, Tips, Ebook

This one-on-one Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy program has helped thousands of smokers because it addreses the true cause of your smoking habbit. It provides you with the right mental preparation and post session support tools to help you create and maintain the new LIFE STYLE of a nonsmoker. The QuitWithNick Program is a 4 step process outlined below: 


IMG_4493 The Stop Smoking Program | Quit Smoking Apps, Tips, Ebook(Approx 15mins) 

This is an opportinuty for me to ask you some questions about your smoking habit before you want to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis, what you've tried in the past to quit, whats worked, what hasn't, why it didn't, what's making hard to quit and what could get you unstuck in the future and more. It's a chance for us to get a feel for one another, but most importantly its where I can determine if you're going to be my next success story. 

If we choose to work together, we will then proceed to the next step.


IMG_4490 The Stop Smoking Program | Quit Smoking Apps, Tips, Ebook

Once a booking is made (and a small deposit paid) you receive an email with your intake forms to fill in and bring to your session as well as your mindset preparation material. Once you know the science behind how and why you're going to quit cigarettes with hypnosis, you're going to get excited about your nonsmoking future! The right preparation dissolves the ONE AND ONLY thing that would stand in the way of your success; RESISTANCE! 


IMG_4491 The Stop Smoking Program | Quit Smoking Apps, Tips, Ebook

Your session includes a powerful hypnosis process that combines the cutting edge mind-body rapid change therapy Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP). This not only dissolves and disconnects the smoking habit and cravings, but creates new supportive associations to help you feel confident, calm and in control during your old specific trigger moments. (Duration: approximately 90 minutes).


Are You Skeptical About Hypnosis?

Great! You should be, especially with all the crazy things you might have seen on RSL stage shows, on cruise ships, on TV or in the movies. Does it seem like magic to you? It did to me until i learned the science of Hypnosis. Isn't it true that something only seems like magic until we understand the science behind it? Have you tried it before and it 'didn't work'? Well. that doesn't mean Hypnotherapy can't work for you, it just means you saw the wrong hypnotherapist. The tool of hypnosis is only as powerful as the person using it. The video below shares with you, in a very simple way, some of the science of hypnosis, how and why it could work for you. 

If you've decided that you'd like to seriously try Hypnosis, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you do your research to find the right hypnotherapist (not just the cheapest one), otherwise, you might end up very dissapointed. 

The below video will help you do that research so you know EXACTLY what questions to ask a hypnotherapist

IMG_4492 The Stop Smoking Program | Quit Smoking Apps, Tips, Ebook

Support Apps: Your confirmation email contains 3 links to Quit Smoking Apps which i have personally reviewed for you to download. Pick the one you resonate with and begin to use it from the day you quit. 

Personal Follow Ups: I will be in contact with you both in the short term for many weeks after your session as well as long term via texts and emails to offer support, encouragement and to makre sure you're a happy healthy nonsmoker. I'm commited to the LONGER TERM success of my clients.

Hypnotic Reinforcement MP3's: You receive 3 x guided hypnotic MP3 downloads to reinforce our face-to-face session. This includes guided relaxation, and heart-focussed breathing techniques to help you build your emotional resilience that eliminates the likelyhood of relapse due to stress, negative emotions, or that 'ill just have a puff' thinking that can creep up on you after a few alcoholic drinks.

Detox Tips: This includes quick and easy tips, advice and even simple foods and beverages that will help your body speed up the detox process to eliminate the 4,000 poisons from your body. 

Nonsmoking Affirmations: 50+ Dowloadable Red Stop Smoking affirmation cards to encourage, motivate and inspire you to remain a healthy nonsmoker for years to come.

My Ebook 'Meditation Tips for Beginners': I have been teaching simple meditation for many years and this Ebook of mine will help you develop and maintain a simple practice that is right for you; yet another tool to help build your personal and emotional resilience.

Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) PDF: Drawing on the wisdom and power of Traditional Chinese Medicine, EFT is a fast-evolving treatment within the field of Energy Psychology which is catching the attention of healers, scientists, spiritualists and lay people. Often referred to as "Psychological Acupressure", the technique works by releasing blockages within the energy system which are the source of emotional intensity and discomfort. This PDF will teach you hopw to do this fast, simple yet powerful technique.

V.I.P Access to my QuitWithNick Facebook Support Group: The intention of this closed group is to offer you further, encouragement, inspiration and a pat on the back to celebrate your milestones.

 IMG_4507 The Stop Smoking Program | Quit Smoking Apps, Tips, Ebook


In the unlikely event that you start smoking again, you are 100% GUARANTEED a FREE back up session valid for your entire lifetime! (Subject to availability).






It's money you're going to spend on cigarettes anyway, so why not invest it into becoming a nonsmoker?


Payment Plans Avialble 

Discounts apply for:

* Two or more smokers who quit together.

* Seniors (over 65yo)

* Students

* Those receiving government benefits. 

* Locations * 

QuitWithNick has offices in the following Sydney areas:

Northern Beaches

Eastern Suburbs

Western Sydney

 * Opening Hours *

Monday to Saturday depnding on location with after hours appointments available on request.

 * Home Service *

Available on request (aditional fee applies).

 * Cancelation Policy *

Cancelled or rescheduled appointments within 48hrs of your session will attract a $50 fee.

 * Corporate Packages *

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